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The Association of Swedish Tourist Guides, Sveriges Guideförbund, abbreviated SveGuide, is an interest and non profit organization for qualified tourist guides in Sweden.

The ambitions for this association is to promote

  • Recognition of the concept qualified tourist guide in Sweden and abroad;
  • Maintenance of skills in the profession of a qualified tourist guide;
  • Continuous improvement of conditions for qualified tourist guides;
  • Information about and marketing the members of SveGuide.

Around 700 qualified tourist guides are members today in SveGuide.

Membership is mainly obtained through a regional or local guide association connected to SveGuide. In certain cases, where there is no guide association connected to SveGuide availiable or when the qualified guide has no connection to any guide association, can a membership be obtained directly in SveGuide.

SveGuide is striving for a relevant guide education in Sweden and for the equivalence in qualification throughout the country, so that more skilled and experienced tourist guides could receive the qualification. Together with Visita, the sector’s and employer’s organization in Swedish tourism industry, SveGuide has made a validation model for the guarantee of quality. When the requested level of knowledge and skills is achieved, the guide can receive a national guide’s certificate.

SveGuide is also involved in guide issues internationally through the membership in FEG, European Guide Federation and IGC, Inter Nordic Guide Club.

Fast Facts SveGuide

  • Founded in 1983
  • About 700 members; Guide Associations and stand-alone guides
  • Qualified tourist guides only
  • Sets a professional standard for Swedish guides
  • Works with guide issues in Sweden and participates internationally
  • Annual skills development for members at gatherings.
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